Cyber Houston is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security as an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO SO). Cyber Houston is committed to ensuring businesses in the Greater Houston region thrive and are continuously educated and prepared to conduct day-to-day cyber activities in a safe, secure and private manner.

 The issue of cybersecurity has drawn considerable discussion and captured numerous national headlines. It is imperative that businesses understand how cybersecurity specifically applies to their industries so that they are able to be as prepared as possible. National issues often times have local implications; therefore, we at Cyber Houston aim to provide members and the business community with guidance and tools to create the best business climate in the nation. In this era of a globally connected economy supported by an infrastructure of electronic information systems and data, it is imperative that Houston-area leaders know what they can do to not only protect their businesses but thrive in an era of cyber-attacks.

 Cyber Houston actively convenes Houston-area businesses to address key cybersecurity issues facing the region. This issue impacts the economic engines that drive our region, including businesses, government, healthcare providers and non-profit organizations. In today’s technology-dependent business environment, information security is essential to preserving business vitality. While many larger corporations already have systems and procedures in place to help safeguard their companies from cybersecurity attacks, Cyber Houston identified a strategic need to provide Houston’s small to mid-sized businesses with information to make their businesses more resilient and become stronger partners to their enterprise clients. To address this need, Cyber Houston established the Greater Houston Cybersecurity Council, comprised of leading experts across multiple industries, to address the issue of cybersecurity and provide their industry-specific recommendations and advice gleaned from first-hand experience. The task force explores how cyber threats impact Houston’s business community, with a purposeful focus on the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, which employ approximately one-third of Houston’s workforce.

 Cyber Houston and the Greater Houston Cybersecurity Council provide valuable, first-hand advice from leaders of the business community whose companies have benefited from implementing key steps for cybersecurity preparedness. The Greater Houston Cybersecurity Council takes this complex issue and breaks it down into a digestible format, outlining practical strategies that can be implemented to protect businesses and organizations from cyberattacks. It disseminates information from leaders in key business sectors, including but not limited to energy, health care, legal, banking/financial services, education, retail, insurance, human resources, information technology, and the public sector.

 Annually, Cyber Houston organizes and produces the Houston Cyber Summit as a forum designed for business leaders and executives to learn how to thrive in an era of cyber-attacks, protect and reinforce their business, and invest in proactive cyber security that aligns with the business strategy.

Umesh Verma